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Hey folks,
For some reason, the permanent redirect to this blog is no longer operating. I have contacted my hosting service to see what it wrong. I still own the site and have paid hosting for the entire year.

Appendix N Adventures:
The last remaining first shipments to Kickstarter and subscription folks are on their way. I have started the second shipment. This one will be far quicker and completely transparent. More details are in my April 2 Kickstarter update.

Dagger: Toolkit for Gaming with Kids:
My revision of the Dagger Toolkit for Kids is almost completed. In order to make it distinct from Jimm Johnson's version (which is designed for use with B/X), I have incorporated my tweaks and made Dagger compatible with 5th Edition, but still easily useable with any edition and DCC rpg. Indeed, nearly any module or adventure can be converted right at the gaming table during play. I just need to tidy up the text, add some more monsters to the bestiary, and get a final …