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A Personal Update

I think it is time to let folks know a bit about what my personal life has been like for the last year. I hope this will end speculation about me, but I know it won’t. I just think folks deserve to know a bit more about what my situation has been like and how it has greatly improved in the past couple of months.

At the beginning of last summer, I realized that I was pretty broken and that I needed some time to heal and to focus on myself and my family. While I had lost my third child less than a year before, I had never taken the time to grieve – I wanted to stay strong for my family. But some things you just cannot avoid. So I decided to resign from the church I was pastoring and took a job refurbishing exercise equipment for a local Heath club. The job basically consisted of taking weight machines apart, moving them to a warehouse, removing the rust from the steel with an angle grinder, repainting them and the reassembling them in the gym. It was very physically demanding work for m…

Catching Up

At the beginning of July, I was offered and accepted a good, new job. However, the job is a full day’s drive away from where I currently live, so I had to get some temporary housing that I will stay in through the end of the year. I went through most of  July without Internet access, but it is up-and-running now. Today, I am transporting almost everything I need to set up printing, wrapping and shipping for BHP at my new location. The rest of my family will not be joining me in our new location until the end of the year. From now through the end of the year, I will be using nearly all of my spare time to finish catching up on  shipping out all of BHP’s late orders – The Delving Deeper Boxed Sets (1st and 2nd shipments), Appendix N Adventures (Kickstarter and Subscription) and any remaining orders I have missed.

I am not sure why is not currently working, but I will get that fixed asap.

 Again, thank you all for your great patience.